A lightweight alternative to Java


Avian is well suited to building small, self-contained applications. To demonstrate this, we've taken a demo application from the Eclipse SCM repository and built it using Avian, ProGuard, and LZMA.

Platform Example
Linux/x86_64 download (1028K)
Linux/i386 download (958K)
Linux/ARM download (853K)
OS X/x86_64 download (1041K)
OS X/i386 download (1085K)
Windows/x86_64 download (1048K)
Windows/i386 download (1015K)


If you'd like to build this example yourself, try the following:

# Set the platform and swt_zip environment variables according to the
# following table:
# platform               swt_zip
# --------               -------
# linux-x86_64 
# linux-i386   
# linux-arm    
# darwin-x86_64
# darwin-i386  
# windows-x86_64
# windows-i386 

mkdir work
cd work
curl -Of
tar xzf proguard4.11.tar.gz
curl -Of
(mkdir -p lzma-920 && cd lzma-920 && tar xjf ../lzma920.tar.bz2)
curl -Of${swt_zip}
mkdir -p swt/${platform}
unzip -d swt/${platform} ${swt_zip}
curl -Of
tar xjf avian-1.0.2.tar.bz2
curl -Of
tar xjf avian-swt-examples-1.0.2.tar.bz2
# needed only for 32-bit Windows builds:
git clone
# needed only for 64-bit Windows builds:
git clone
cd avian-swt-examples
make lzma=$(pwd)/../lzma-920 full-platform=${platform} example